1980 Virginia State Tournament Schedule & Results

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12/14/1980 (results)
0:00 AMRenegades 46Warsaw Ducks 6T (O)
0:00 AMSolicitors 26Black Raiders 6T (O)
0:00 AMSt. Johns 26Schreckhise Shrub 0T (O)
0:00 AMDenny`s Wholesale 35Industrial Electric 13T (O)
0:00 AMAndy`s of Ashland 25Gene`s Trans. 21T (O)
0:00 AMRebels 29Kemper Ice 6T (O)
0:00 AMKangaroo Kings 21United VA Bank 20T (O)
0:00 AMLakeview Ath. Club 33PJ Skidoos 27T (O)
0:00 AMMid Merchants 38Haynesville Hurricanes 7T (O)
0:00 AMFumblers 14Mastic Corp 13T (O)
0:00 AMMatchpoint 26Try Me Grocery 20T (O)
0:00 AMPoonbeats 1Sex Pistols 0T (O)
0:00 AMPinnells 26South Slope 20T (O)
0:00 AMTitans-P 20Harrisonburg JCs 7T (O)
0:00 AMVA Pet bulldogs 21Frederick Farm Boys 19T (O)
0:00 AMSalem M. Eways 25Airport Supermarket 12T (O)
0:00 AMRenegades 39Solicitors 33T (O)
0:00 AMSt. Johns 14Denny`s Wholesale 13T (O)
0:00 AMAndy`s of Ashland 26Rebels 25T (O)
0:00 AMLakeview Ath. Club 26Kangaroo Kings 25T (O)
0:00 AMMid Merchants 42Fumblers 12T (O)
0:00 AMPoonbeats 25Matchpoint 13T (O)
0:00 AMPinnells 20Titans-P 12T (O)
0:00 AMVA Pet bulldogs 27Salem M. Eways 7T (O)
0:00 AMRenegades 41St. Johns 7T (O)
0:00 AMAndy`s of Ashland 40Lakeview Ath. Club 12T (O)
0:00 AMPoonbeats 31Mid Merchants 27T (O)
0:00 AMPinnells 32VA Pet bulldogs 7T (O)
0:00 AMAndy`s of Ashland 32Renegades 26T (O) semifinal
0:00 AMPoonbeats 40Pinnells 39T (O) semifinal
0:00 AMPoonbeats 20Andy`s of Ashland 14T (O) championship

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