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 subject: "2017 State Tournament "

Nov 20, 2017
9:37 PM

The host hotels are the Hampton Inn and holiday inn express near the airport (which we have used many times in the past), the discounted rate is $99 and this includes free breakfast. Make sure you stay in the host hotel both nights, for a majority of the teams will make it to Sunday!

Hotel links:

Airport Hampton Inn Enter

the dates and click on add a special rate code. Enter VFF in the group

field. The next screen will display the VA Flag Football name and the

$99.00 rate.

Holiday Inn Express Enter the dates and enter VFB to get the rate.

The hotel is providing us with a hospitality room for our annual meeting. We will be giving out local coupons and other swag at the team check in, but no keg this year unfortunately.

We are also planning a social event saturday night in downtown richmond at Southern Railway Tap House: 100 S 14th St, Richmond, VA 23219, free food and drink specials. All teams must check in.

We will have our annual meeting at the host hotel, Friday night at 10 pm.

We will do a live draw on facebook to assign group members on the weekend of Dec 1. The way it will work, is there will be groups of 3, teams will play everyone in their group; winner of the group will move on to elimination, and a number of wildcards will be accepted to even out the bracket.

Please forward this information to your teams and encourage them to register, we are hoping that the 2 game minimum will encourage more teams to register and participate.

Nov 21, 2017
10:12 AM
subject: re: 2017 State Tournament

Tournaments like this are appealing to the top teams.

Why not do groups of 4 or 5. Give people more games?

However many make it out doesn’t matter but some stil might not come to only get 2 games.

Nov 22, 2017
4:22 PM
subject: re: 2017 State Tournament

because a 2 game minimum is all we could afford for $225 a team

Dec 30, 2017
7:30 PM
subject: re: 2017 State Tournament

how will the Wild Cards be decided?

Dec 30, 2017
8:15 PM
subject: re: 2017 State Tournament

point differential


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