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 subject: "A new day "
Silky Johnson

Dec 13, 2016
02:05 AM
Bob has finally conceded so maybe we can move forward into the 21st century. Give the new leaders time to figure things out if you want to support the vffa start locally with your league and go from there.

Dec 13, 2016
04:31 AM
subject: re: A new day

Take the damn trophy away from 3 and 4 yall didnt even give them one smh cut that to give shirts out thats cold
old school

Dec 14, 2016
1:45 PM
subject: re: A new day

hope they make teams keep the same rosters that they use in league play. This will make competition fair and stop guys from creating stacked teams or putting all the best players from one LEAGUE on a team or having guys play in A and then B in the same day or better yet - have team change their names and drop to B to get a trophy. States were fun when teams played team ball instead of pickup. No one wants respects states. It is almost as laughable as Nationals !

Dec 14, 2016
3:32 PM
subject: re: A new day

I`ve played in 5 state tourneys, as player and view, I can easily tell that the numbers/competition level is down. Stacked team vs real league teams isn`t fun. Your league team should play in tourneys, not a league all star team. What`s the point in that, can`t even have bragging rights. If you win states, and that`s your real league team...that`s all respect. Not back yard pick up teams. f that
second that

Dec 15, 2016
12:56 PM
subject: re: A new day

true, leagues allow teams to take bids and then they go and build teams for states. teams that normally have 12-14 players show up at states with more than 20-30 players. I know at least 8 teams that stop coming because their best players get picked for an ALL-STAR squad and then they are depleted or get squashed at states BY TEAMS WITH THEIR OWN PLAYERS. allowing teams to build rosters for states is one major reason teams stop playing

Jan 16, 2017
1:43 PM
subject: re: A new day

So---the problem has been identified. Great! Now on to the solutions......! Do I hear crickets?


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